Persyaratan Mutu Alas Kaki Filipina   

Ketentuan Umum

Ketentuan umum tentang keamanan produk juga berlaku untuk produk alas kaki, artinya persyaratan keamanan produk secara umum yang harus dipatuhi. Ketentuan umum keamanan produk di Filipina dituangkan dalam Consumer Act of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 7394).

Standar Produk Alas Kaki:

  • Ukuran dan Penandaan Sepatu: PNS 215:2010 (ICS 61.060) - Size designation and marking for shoelast, this standard specifies a system for designating and labelling the sizes of the shoelasts for men, women and children's shoes. 
  • Labelling of footwear for commercial purposes: PNS 216:2010 (ICS 61.060) - Code for footwear labeling and indication of composition, this standard code provides for the labelling of footwear for commercial purposes, i.e. sold or offered for sale in the Philippines.  It specifies the information to be provided, indicates the terms in which this should be expressed and the means by which it should be conveyed. 
  • Mondopoint system of sizing and marking: PNS ISO 9407:2010 (ISO published 1991) ICS 61.060- Shoes sizes - Mondopoint system of sizing and marking. This standard describes the fundamental characteristics of a system of sizing shoes that is to be known as Mondopoint. It specifies the method of size marking for shoes and applies to all types of shoe, without restriction. 
  • PNS 2093:2013 ICS 61.060  – Footwear – Closed shoes for men - Specification

Standar Pengujian Alas Kaki:

  • PNS ISO 18454:2010 (ISO published 2001) ICS 61.060 - Footwear - Standard atmospheres for conditioning and testing of footwear and components for footwear, this standard specifies out the general conditioning and testing atmospheres for the evaluation of footwear and footwear component properties. 
  • PNS ISO 20868:2010 - Footwear - Test methods for insoles - Abrasion resistance (ISO published 2001) ICS 61.060, this standard specifies a method to determine the abrasion resistance of insoles, irrespective of the material.
  • PNS ASTM D4060:2013 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser (ASTM published 2010) ICS 61.060
  • PNS ASTM D2256/ D2256M:2013 (ASTM published 2010) ICS 61.060Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Yarns by the Single-Strand Method 
  • PNS ISO 17706:2013 (ISO published 2003) ICS 61.060 Footwear – Test methods for uppers – Tensile strength and elongation
  • PNS ISO 17708:2013  (ISO published 2003) ICS 61.060Footwear – Test methods for whole shoe – Upper sole adhesion.
  • PNS ISO 22650:2013 (ISO published 2002) ICS 61.060 Footwear – Test methods for whole shoe – Heel attachment
  • PNS ISO 18895:2013 (ISO published 2006) ICS 61.060Footwear – Test methods for shanks – Fatigue resistance
  • PNS ISO 17694:2013 Footwear – Test methods for uppers and lining – Flex resistance
  • PNS ISO 17696:2013 (ISO published 2003) ICS 61.060Footwear – Test methods for uppers, linings and insocks – Tear strength
  • PNS ISO 17698:2013 (ISO published 2003) ICS 61.060 Footwear – Test methods for uppers – Delamination resistance
  • PNS ISO 20863:2013 (ISO published 2004) ICS 61.060 Footwear – Test methods for stiffeners and toe puffs – Bondability